• “I never would have thought I would require a wedding planner or thought financially it made sense, but it was the best investment we made and my husband, mother and bridesmaids reminded me of that many times too.”
    Tyler & Justine Schwende | Bride & Groom
  • “Everyone needs a Tracey!”
    Lindsey Evanoff | Bride
  • “Tracey also has a number of wonderful partnerships and provided unique suggestions for decor and supplies.”
    Susan Allen | Mother of the Bride
  • “She was easy and fun to work with while managing all the various whims and needs of a bride planning the wedding from the other side of the world, Spain!”
    Allie Bull | Bride
  • “She is organized and is one step ahead of any issues that potentially might pop up.”
    Mike & Shannon Rossi | Bride & Groom
  • “Her past work experience came in handy as she knew the ins and outs of large events/catering and event planning.”
    Omar Ahmed & Sara Kudhair | Bride & Groom
  • “From the onset, Tracey attentively listened to what we envisioned for our wedding.”
    Vanessa Meli | Bride
  • “She was thorough, professional and understood our wedding day vision from Day 1”
    Matt & Leah Richards | Bride & Groom
  • “Tracey's schedule of shorter speeches mixed with meal service and dancing was AMAZING!! Everyone commented saying, "I haven't had that much fun at a party in YEARS!!
    Laurie Brodhagen | Mother of the Bride

Desiree & Richard

January 19th, 2019 | Universal Eventspace
I could tell you to hire a planner because it’ll save you time and money – it will in the long run, there is no doubt about that. But we hired Tracey over the rest because she didn’t treat us like “clients”, she didn’t approach us generically like the other 7 planners I reached out to. She actually approached us through a friend’s referral and offered real help, when we almost gave up. And throughout the whole 10 months we knew Tracey, we felt like we were her only clients. She got to know us, she understood how busy we are and where our focus was. And she threw us the party of the century. Beyond our expectations by far, and we felt like guests at our own 400 person wedding.
Tracey is creative, organized, friendly, assertive when necessary (LOL sorry T, it’s a good thing), and generous with her time and energy. But what makes her special is that she truly became a friend- she makes the effort to remember the names of our 24 person bridal party, the kids, the parents, the aunts and uncles – they called her when they needed things, not my husband and I – which to us was so helpful.
T, I will miss watching you get excited over details like invitations, and table numbers…like a kid on Christmas morning! You’re the BEST. Thank you for your moral support, your talent, and above all, your friendship. I’ll call you for the baby shower! #britneyspearstoxic

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Jared & Lindsay

November 16th, 2019 | Bellvue Manor
Let me begin by saying that hiring Tracey to plan our wedding was the single greatest decision we made in 2019 (second to getting married, of course). I’m sitting here wondering how to articulate to all future brides that hiring Tracey McAteer Events in no way means you’ve just hired any regular wedding coordinator. No. In fact quite the opposite. Hiring Tracey means you’ve gained a financial advisor who’s budgeting spreadsheet rival that of an accountant, a 24/7 therapist to listen to all your ridiculous wedding problems, a creative genius who can make any vision come to life, and an industry expert to tell you when your being ripped off and how to earn the most “bang for your buck.” She’s highly connected to some of the best vendors in the city who favour her for being so easy and so pleasant to work with.
Tracey is emotionally invested in all her clients. I mean it when I say your happiness is her happiness. She will advocate for you and your wedding as if it were her own, and in doing so you’ll feel as though you are her only client when in reality she’s exponentially growing in popularity and takes on multiple a year.
I could go on about her, I truly could, but you should really see for yourself. Tracey will become a member of your family because of her huge heart and her adoration for her clients. If I were to leave one negative comment about my experience, it’s the fact that when the wedding is over, we no longer get to see her as much.
Trace – we are so grateful to have you in our lives. I’m more than confident you’ll make your future couples just as happy as you made us!

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Jennifer & Wayne

April 20th, 2019 | The Warehouse
100% The BEST investment we made for our wedding.
At first I was a little bit apprehensive about a wedding planner. I thought my wife and I could do it all. I was so wrong. My wife and I were able to ENJOY our wedding because the execution of the wedding was almost entirely done by Tracey. We were bodies in her logistical masterplan. Everything was on time, set up, organized from days prior to the day after the wedding and if things went wrong, her and her assistant was always on top of it and made sure that my wife and I weren’t stressed – this was her top priority.
Tracey takes the time to develop relationships with you and your significant other and she makes you feel important because she genuinely cares about YOUR vision. Tracey has a breadth of ideas backed by her experiences in different events. She comes prepared and ready to execute even in the most dynamic situations.
Our entire wedding party of 12 loved Tracey and every one of them expressed interest in hiring her for their wedding if they were in the market for one. That’s how amazing she is and the impression that she made on the wedding party and the wedding itself.

Sara & Toni

July 27th, 2019 | Liberty Grand
Tracey is not only a necessity to a stand out wedding but she is also just a great person overall. She was integral to managing our emotions and offering solutions whenever reality didn’t match expectations for us all throughout the planning process and especially the day of. We woke up the morning after our wedding wanting to do it all over again and on such an emotional high! We were able focus on each other and our guests on our wedding day and soak in the day as Tracey and her team managed all the details behind the scenes. As you only get this day to do once it’s so important to be able to enjoy your day and I don’t think this would have been possible without Tracey!

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Woody & Olivia

September 14th, 2019 | Hart House
Tracey is the best!!! She is funny, professional, always bubbly and unbelievably organized. Best money spent on our celebration – and many times I wondered if we paid her enough! She has an endless supply of ideas, connections, and resources, and is extremely budget conscious…even when we told her she didn’t have to be. Her attention to detail, as well as her ability to listen and connect, puts her heads and shoulders above We had a small mountain top ceremony months earlier that I had planned myself, and couldn’t imagine organizing the larger celebration all on my own. She was an absolute godsend, and I could not have done it without her. She is easy to work with, yet is stern enough to tell us when things were getting too nutty. She was able to steer us down the right path, even when my fiancé (now husband) would come up with some crazy ideas (fireworks and confetti cannons in an old, wooden, historical building!! – oh my!!!) I envy her ability to stay calm, and sane in the midst of everything! She must do yoga.

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Marc & Vanessa

November 10th, 2018 | Chateau le Parc
From beginning to end you have been such a saving grace for us! We can honestly say that we don’t know how we could have done it all without you!! We know we were extremely picky and specific about so many things along the way and you dealt with everything like such a champ and made us feel confident that everything was taken care of. That feeling alone leading up to a wedding is priceless. You impressed us beyond belief. Everything you did for us since our very first meeting did not go unnoticed and we continued to be blown away by you every step of the way. And we can’t forget your girls!! They were so on point all day long, it really was such a pleasure to have them with us that day. Every single one of our family members have commented on how phenomenal you and your team were on our wedding day and were SO impressed. We couldn’t even begin to tell them how much more you did for us leading up to the day. Yesterday we were watching a video of our first dance and looked at the time stamp which said 6:58pm…meaning we were 2 minutes ahead of schedule!! We’re amazed…When does that ever happen on a wedding day?? You are seriously such a Rockstar- who else can switch a photo location, get permits, organize the contract and payment, re- schedule the limos, and send out an email update to all vendors and bridal party within 2 hours the day before the wedding?!!!! ONLY YOU!!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Curtis & Stefanie

September 7th, 2019 | Tent at family home
I think back on our wedding day and know that it would not have been feasible had it not been for Tracey. We were married at my parents home which meant that every single detail had to be accounted for and Tracey had that on lock. From our initial meeting, I felt assured by how knowledgeable and organized she was but also appreciated the sense of levity that she brought to what can be a very stressful process. In the lead up to our wedding, no question or detail was too small nor Tracey too busy to answer us. Her meticulous planning aside, the day of your wedding is when Tracey really shines. Her job is so much more than event coordinator – she becomes your priest, your psychiatrist, your coolheaded comrade, your event guardian angel – all while seemingly effortlessly ensuring flawless execution of your day.
The day of our wedding, I was in no way stressed or worried because I had complete faith in Tracey to guide us through. The difference maker with Tracey is that she cares, she treats you like so much more than a client. Our day was beautiful and I look back on that with such fond memories because we thoroughly enjoyed our wedding; we were able to enjoy the day because of Tracey, she was our MVP. THANK YOU TRACEY!!

Phoenix & Hui

August 12th, 2017 | Fairmont Royal York
Hiring Tracey as our wedding planner has been the best decision we made for having a memorable wedding exactly the way we wanted. Tracey is a very hardworking and dedicated planner that she treats her work and clients seriously and thoughtfully. She guided us through the aspects we needed to work on, since we did not have much understanding about wedding planning and we did not have a lot of time left until the big day. She not only provided helpful suggestions but also listened to our needs carefully. She took notes of everything we mentioned and always got back to us with every single detail that needed a confirmation.
Tracey is also very efficient and practical in term of keeping every aspect of the wedding day under control and on time. We had four different outfit changes, a long list of family and guest photos to be taken, and multiple location changes throughout the day that she executed accurately. She also coordinated with all the vendors before and on the day of the wedding that her work left us worriless and trouble-free. We simply enjoyed our day and celebrated with all the guests.
We cannot express how grateful we are to have Tracey for our wedding, and I think every couple deserves, and will need Tracey for their weddings!

Alexandra & Caitlin

June 1st, 2019 | Hart House
The best!!!
We echo everything that other reviewers have said about Tracey; hiring her was the best decision we made for wedding planning! From the first meeting, she listened to our needs and gave us awesome ideas, while helping us stay in our budget and navigate the wedding industry. She has great contacts and advocated for us every step of the way. Most importantly, we felt confident that we could sit back and enjoy our day (and party all night!) with Tracey running the show. She made our wedding fun, beautiful, relaxed, and seamlessly smooth. On top of it all, she was a pleasure to work with (and everyone in the wedding parties felt the same way). We strongly recommend her. Thank you, Tracey!

Justin & Tyler

July 9th, 2016 | Inn on the Twenty
From the very moment we decided to hire Tracey it was wedding planning life changing. She exudes genuine passion for her craft and ensures that her bride and groom are beyond taking care of. Tracey’s talents really shone during the pre- planning stages. She always had our best interest in mind and made sure that we remained under budget working endlessly to find the best value and fit with our vendors. She missed no detail, from helping with hand writing EVERY guests name for the seating plan to the night before diverting all crisis when I thought my dress a) didn’t fit and b) was crooked.
Simply, Tracey gave me the ability to let my guard down and enjoy every second of the day. Our wedding would not have went beyond perfect without her wedding day timeline – its pure mastery. In fact it left our venue Catering Manager in detail oriented “awe” and praised her intricate “did not miss anything” schedule. Tracey was there to save the day if anything deviated from keeping our wedding on track and maintained strict deadlines with speech lengths to get us on the dance floor exactly when we wanted! I never would have thought I would require a wedding planner or thought financially it made sense, but it was the best investment we made and my husband, mother and bridesmaids reminded me of that many times too

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Georgia & Tim

October 20th, 2018 | The Broadview Hotel
When my husband and I got engaged hiring Tracey as our planner was a no brainer. She had coordinated my brother’s wedding the summer before and it was absolutely stunning. Right off the bat, Tracey ensured that she got to know me and my husband on a personal level; understanding our relationship helped her gain a better understanding of the vibe we wanted for our wedding. She was constantly suggesting new and fun ways that our relationship could be showcased at our wedding. Throughout the entire planning process Tracey was extremely attentive to detail while all the while ensuring that the process was stress free for us. She suggested countless new and fresh ideas that were beyond the current trends, resulting in a beautiful and unique wedding day. Not only was Tracey incredibly organized and creative throughout the planning process, her attention to detail was immaculate the day of the wedding. Her assistants and vendors were all a pleasure to work with that day. She ensured everything was taken care of resulting in a perfect, beautiful and stress free ceremony and reception. Tracey fully understood our vision and executed it perfectly. We continue to receive amazing feedback about the wedding. Tracey took the time to answer questions we had after the wedding and we had a wonderful dinner reviewing the details of that night. Through this process my husband and I feel as though Tracey has become a friend. We couldn’t be happier with how the entire process went and we would recommend Tracey to anyone looking for a wedding coordinator.

Jason & Lisa

October 19th, 2018 | 99 Sudbury
Tracey and her team are the absolute best! Our wedding would not have been the same without her. Her “month of coordination” is perfect for the couple who has their own vision but lacks the wedding planning experience. She held our hand, gave us great advice on timelines, and when the Big Day came allowed us to actually enjoy it! The event was spectacular and I can tell you, without a doubt, it would not have been that way without Tracey McAteer Events!
As most couples these days, my husband and I are crazy busy, and although we are both used to controlling and managing every detail in our lives we were able to trust Tracey and her team with everything and are happy to say they delivered beyond our expectations! Hiring Tracey McAteer is a game changer. Thank you to you and all of your fun and professional team!

Ali & Kathy

August 4th, 2018 | The Royal Canadian Yacht Club
Exceeded all expectations!
Tracey was recommended to us by the event manager at our venue The Royal Canadian Yacht Club. We knew as soon as we spoke with Tracey that we wanted to work with her. Tracey is incredibly organized and capable of overseeing any event. She also keeps a firm hand on the budget and is not quick to spend your money – she is the first to tell you where to wisely allocate your funds to get the biggest return, keeping in mind what she understands to be your vision for your wedding. Tracey has great connections with other vendors which ensures you get exactly what you want and that things will go smoothly. She is on trend but mindful that class and quality never go out of style. In addition to her amazing skill set, Tracey is just a delightful person to work with and is truly invested in creating exactly the experience for you and your guests that you are aiming for. We always joke that if not for Tracey we would have eloped – but we are so glad we didn’t because Tracey made our wedding day more delightful and special than we could have ever imagined.

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James & Heather

July 20th, 2018 | The Royal Canadian Yacht Club
James: So I am the groom – and it wasn’t my idea to have a planner – i actually thought it would be too much of an indulgence when surely all it takes is a bit of planning and legwork to do it yourself right? Wrong. Tracey’s expertise, communication skills, creative eye, enthusiasm, collaborative and bargaining skills meant we definitely spent less on our wedding, won big on originality and style, and the day itself went like a dream. We absolutely knew that she had it all covered on the day. So we could totally relax, look around and enjoy our collective efforts. That in itself was worth the fee alone. Many of my friends said it was the best wedding they’d been to- and I’m 40 and my friends have been to a bunch of weddings. For your sake, and the sake of your nearest and dearest, just book Tracey McAteer.
Heather: Do yourself a MASSIVE favour and book Tracey to be your wedding/party planner RIGHT NOW. Tracey is extremely organised, creative, efficient and also just really wonderful to work with. We booked Tracey for her partial planning services, which ended up being a complete life saver; there is absolutely no way we would have been able to organise all of the logistics, decorations, hotel booking, not to mention all of the co-ordination of the wedding without her. Even though we signed up for just the partial planning package, Tracey went seriously above and beyond in every aspect of the organisation; she found us our band, our cocktail party entertainment, and our party boat, none of which she was expected to do. Tracey is super responsive and a great communicator as well, so as a couple, we never felt we were out on a limb or in any way lost — Tracey always was there to help (and usually with loads of suggestions on how to make our wedding even better!) My husband was initially skeptical as to whether we really needed a wedding planner, but after working with Tracey, even he was completely sold on her value and would never have wanted it any other way. In addition to her professionalism and extreme organisation, I would add that Tracey is just a really easy person to work with and is just super lovely, which I think matters a lot, especially when working on a high- stress project like a wedding. In all, our wedding literally could not have gone better – it was the best (3) days of our lives and I can honestly say it definitely wouldn’t have gone so perfectly if we didn’t have Tracey. Seriously though…book her now….!!!

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